7 Easy Steps To Grow Potatoes In Your Balcony

Here’s what to do:

1. Find a 25-30 cm deep container with drainage holes on the bottom. The width is based on the space you have available for placing the pot. A big supermarket shopping bag will be an excellent pot.
2. Look for pink potatoes. The size should be low to medium.
3. The planting operation can take place in April.
4. Fill the pot with 1/3 soil then place the potatoes with the sprouted side up.
5. As the potatoes grow, fill the pot with soil, near the container’s upper level. This operation will ensure a bigger potatoes crop. Place the container in a sunny spot.
6. Keep the soil constantly moist, but avoiding a mud puddle.
7. After 3-4 months, the branches will turn yellow and will sear. This is the harvest time!


Undoubtedly, this solution will not solve the potato family needs, but here’s the interesting results after implementing this idea:

– You have the opportunity to taste the real natural potatoes, free of chemicals;
– This will be an exceptional experience for your children;
– We shouldn’t overlook the decorative effect. The potato bush is very aesthetic.


1. If you place the pot on the windowsill, make sure it is securely fixed and that even the strongest wind can’t move it. Otherwise, it may cause terrible accidents if pedestrians are passing underneath!

2. Beware that potato leaves and especially potato fruits are highly poisonous. It is advisable to remove the potato fruits when they occur, immediately after the flowers have dried.


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