How to keep mosquitoes out of your garden

Rain and stagnant water in your garden are a magnet for mosquitoes. So, after this period, it is likely having a mosquitoes invasion in your garden.

They will not only be very annoying, but they can transmit serious diseases through their bite, so it is recommended keeping them away. Here’s how to do this.

Plant marigold

Plant some marigold bouquets around your house.
The scent of these flowers is too strong and pungent for mosquitoes, so they will try to keep distance from the house and garden.

Mow the grass

Mosquitoes are attracted to areas with high grass, because here they can hide in it. It is best to keep the grass short and to mow it regularly in the warm season. Even if you like a high grass, definitely you like more a garden free of insects.
Also, get rid of weeds and snatch them from the root.

Eliminate puddles and stagnant water

Although when it rains you don’t have too many options to get rid of puddles, you can still avoid placing pots or containers with water in the garden. Stagnant water is a treat for mosquitoes, and they will not cease to occur around water.

Moreover, water is the best environment for mosquitoes egg laying. A single female can lay up to 300 eggs on the water surface and within three weeks, you will face a whole colony of mosquitoes.

If you have a mini lake or pond in the garden, you’d better stocked it with fish. They eat larvae and significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes.

Host several frogs

Although not to everyone’s liking, frogs can eat more than 100 mosquitoes in one night. Purchase one or two frogs and host them in the garden, both day and night. However, frogs can be considered pets, so they need certain rules of care, but in principle they require many plants and a space with water (a pond where there is fish eventually).

Spray a garlic solution

Boil two garlic cloves in two liters of water, wait the solution to cool and pour it into a spray bottle. Sprinkle all the plants in the garden. In this way you will not only repel mosquitoes and flies, but the mites that attack plants.

Last solution: insecticide

If you want to go directly to a dramatic version, but with rapid effects, you can opt for insecticide. It will instantly destroy all insects, but the bad part is that you have to spray the product carefully. It is preferable to ask a specialist in order to avoid inhaling insecticide and possible health problems.


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