8 ways to get rid of ants without using pesticides

Maybe they are hard-working and praiseworthy, but if they enter your house or if they’re troubling you out in the garden, ants are not welcome. How to get rid of ants without pesticides?

Clean the house and avoid leaving food scraps. Take the rubbish out twice a day and leave the trash bin emptied and washed. Insulate the holes with silicone. These are preventive measures. Here and the methods that will help you get rid of ants.

Apple cider vinegar. The antifungal properties of the vinegar help remove ant mounds. Ants feed on fungi that grow inside the anthill. Pour vinegar or spray vinegar inside the anthill.

Ground black pepper, cinnamon and ground bay leaves. Either you mix them with water and pour the mixture inside the anthill, either you sprinkle pepper / cinnamon / ground bay leaves in areas where ants are passing through. Garlic powder and salt are also useful, especially in the form of brine poured into the anthill.

Make a highly concentrated fresh mint tea. Put a hot pepper in it. Pour the tea in a spray bottle and sprinkle on the areas where ants are passing through. Put mint at the house entrances and in the windows corners.

Hot water. It is a sadist but effective approach. Pour boiling water into the anthill and repeat the process day after day, for 10 days. About a liter or two of boiling water are enough.

Coffee powder keeps the ants away. Sprinkle the powder on their way or put it in water.

Boric acid. Mixed with sugar and water and applied in areas with ants, boric acid will kill them all.

Mint flavored talcum powder is useful if it’s sprinkled around the anthill. Baby powder can work as well when you want to avoid ants entering the house, because insects will not escalate dust.

Cucumbers, lemon slices and lemon juice are also good solutions that keep ants away. Powder detergent and dishwashing detergent are also effective, depending on the situation.


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